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Oakes yesterday and posted a 00 cash bond to assure his presence in Washington, D. They read: “Beware, Spies at Work,” “For Sale, Owners Leaving Soon,” “Murder, Inc;,” and “Closed, Rat Infested.” ’ In a statement released^ last pight, Goff stated, “I consider our act a patriotic gesture and I pro- pose to defend my position all along the line on that theory.” } Goff, chairman of the Christian youth for America organization, said the incident occurred a few days before a rally was held at the , Washington Monument, sponsored by several different groups. “I spoke at the rally,” Goff said, “with Gerald Smith and we were not bothered then. The "Reverend 11 Goff is an admitted former Communist,. also THE KOREAN BLUNDER Dqfhe Reds Plan fo Gome by Alaska? The other - Russian flag *on- display is the Ukranian Russian flag. 3 According to Sergeant Lawless, | he was approached by Taft, ! : '“The red flag of the hammer and sickle is the true flag of j those who are slaughtering our , boys in Korea,” Goff said. Mc Nair 3 Penh erf dated 6-IS~h7s captijpfed lr Oommunist infilirdtionof the Rocky fountain Council Mr Social Action. Truly, front «- covered the ear until the first ray of sunshine brought t |he ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED SEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED j . gainst the Federal Reserve- Bank in Minneapolis and. Alexander Hudgins - Richmond, Virginia, stated in Virginia a Conservative Council representative operates in each congressional district. She explained there would be 10 women there for each week of the yea* . He praised the women for their work in the party « Ellis said they have been badly treated in Indianapolis, Indiana. BE: COMSTXTDTXOH S»AETY OF THE DOTTED STATES Source advised Dali said he upas disappointed with the, meeting, could not get any newspaper publicity, bad. * ~’i Goff admitted he and the othjer two posted placards before the embassy. His present address is Post Office Box- 116, Englewood, Colorado. tty rvrrr^ i y ,,rr ^ * h ' ■' -* ^ ^ J I Kenneth Goff .r— V — - ■■ *■ ^ B^mwu uus ucig i Will Russia Invade America? KENNETH GOFF ' — Former Member of the Communist Party i Sunday, February 10, At 3 P. First Church of Nazarene 508 WEST BIJOU ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED , . 1 According to Patrolmen Burke, he was given specific orders to /‘especially watch* the - Russian flag.” GUARDED WRONG FLAG “We thought we were watching the' Russian flag,” he the flag we were watching -was 'a ] half -block away from the one we were supposed to watch. “We saw this red flag with the i hammer and sickle and figured it must be the Russian flag. flags here.” The flag the patrolmen were whtching was the Byelorussian flag. “I told him we’re still talking Concluded on Next Page all United Nations flags in Denver’s civic j center. Had there here could not have been the glorious resurrection. He 1 told members to sue in every town in order to get free time. Bertram Ellis - Houston, Texas - He wanted the next convention to be held at Dallas, Houston, Texas, or Shreveport, Louisiana, and promised a good Christian hotel and favorable publicity. 7 The War and Navy Departments of the United States Government should abolish all Jim Crow distinctions In the Army and Navy. Immediate removal of all restrictions in all trade unions against the membership of Negro workers 6. I | said he feels pretty certain that FAUBUS will be a Presidential candidate on the ballot in Florida* Georgia* Tennessee* Kentucky* Colorado and Michigan. y' 6, Abolition of all laws and pubilc-adroin- ktiatlon measures which prohibit, or in practice present Negro children or youth from attending general public schools or universities. Full and equal admittance of Negroes ta all railway station waiting rooms, restau- rants, hotels and theaters. Box li6 CHRISTIAN SOLDIER o ^ m oq £* S2£- SSU) O H 'J O U3 g ssrt.^ H sag* Or. He said there has been a lot of help by people in Florida in getting this petition out* but| I didn't mention any names as to who had helped.' •KEfl NETH' GQ5F| p - - ' ' ■ ; CHRISTIAN SOUTH FOR AMERICA . CTS: - KENNETH GOFF, .ts&lo claims Wims a- foraiar Ba^iona L*; -v' .

the signs.” The first secretary of the em- bassy, Michael S. As is fre- quently the case, he is now a super— patriot and nearly everyone else is dangerous to this country. We have made a careful search of the files, records and publications of this -^Committee and have failed to find that such a statement had ever been made to the Committee. Clerk b6 b7C 1 V I l I t 1 l, aril atthaf TTiime, co^lainant will make a double recording of subjects voice, unknown to subject, so that in the event the FBI is interested, we may hear subjects exact words. Miss Marian Cleveland, Chicago, Illinois - described herself as a Christian and a practical politician. The registrations reflect the follow ing individuals t?

| said that -pe opl e very close to FAUBUS* n© names mentioned* have told l l and l I that as soon as the National Bgx^gratic^C onvent i on is over* ©overnor FAUBUS of Little Rock will"*take a very active part in aaaiatingl land | | in getting FAUBUS on various ballots. ; itods’tet.' cqpy e£'-k..ptirpprted , mrom statement by OI. Denverls -of Q0FF# Botevs r 9 .■"the 'Bureau, in ” advised . ;- years* ,.i^s\.]tete engaged' -^gst anationwide tpoo%? • t* ’ Coraraunist lecturesof a-' sedteti1 — i L/tiis \ b6 b7C Special Agent tr tr ■ WEEPIN f MAY ENDUR 8 FO/? NIGHT ' BUT JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING I Dear Christian Friend: In late 1776, Washington's army, badly defeated in the battle of Long Island, was retreating towards New Jersey.

Major TOOHEY is connected with the Tax Cut Party in Michigan. mimeograph thz&jamy type st&te^eu.t dated Hatch 29* 1957; '■ -;*■ ■.*■ ' : ';.

land were talking about | working at some restaurant on Chestnut Street in Louisville , Ke ntucky, now. Box 46 £ Powers Lake, North Dakota ; ir SEARCHED J, INDEXED,,,,,., SERIALIZED, i ULl i! The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country -- but he that stands it now, -- deserves the love and thanks of men and women." Had our forefathers failed to heed the challenge there would never have been a * United States, and we today, might have been living in total slavery. for re-election by the buying-up of the negro vote through strong civil rights measures; -- through his appeal to cu young married men by exempting them from the draft; by his sudden increase of service- men's pay; and by tiis move to reduce taxes so that the average American voter will e 0 to 0 more per year of take-home pay.

I I claimed that the NSRP is growing tremendously as a result of it having Governor FAUBUS as a Presidential candidate. | | just mentioned his planned trip to Florida -Within the next we From what | — | said, (apparently has recently been released from^jaii because of some tr ouble, possibly dr unkennes s he got into. The challenge to a republic which seemed to be dying before its birth, came in a pamphlet issued by COMMON SENSE, in which the writer said: "These are the times that try men's souls.

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(Ends 0 m COMO 5#2 too Tho should write tho name o( tho addressee o Abaclc horcof as an identification* Preserve ondsubmitthis receipt incaso of inquiry or application for indemnity. - 'Domcstio* registry , Goff has been released on a bond in, the amount of fl,000.: returnable in the District' of Columbia, and the Commissioner here is forviardlng the original bond to the Clerk Of the ; U*S, District Court in your District* ; v ' . -i This source advised that at a consolidation meeting at Atlanta, Georgia, September 2-5, 1960, at which the North Carolina and Texas Elans were not represented, it was resolved and passed that their name be changed to National Eu Elux Elan.

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