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If you’re looking for a new book to read, check out one of these best Catholic books of all time: Adams, Karl – The Spirit of Catholicism Bouyer, Louis – Spirit and Forms of Protestantism Catholic Church – Catechism of the Catholic Church Guardini, Romano – The End of the Modern World Guardini, Romano – The Lord Hahn, Scott – Rome Sweet Home Kreeft, Peter – Christianity for Modern Pagans Newman, John Henry – Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine Newman, John Henry – Parochial and Plain Sermons Ott, Ludwig – Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma Pieper, Josef – The Four Cardinal Virtues Belloc, Hilaire – The Great Heresies Belloc, Hilaire – How The Reformation Happened Belloc, Hilaire – Survivals and New Arrivals Carroll, Warren – Christendom I: Founding of Christendom Carroll, Warren – Christendom II: The Building of Christendom Carroll, Warren – Christendom III: The Glory of Christendom Carroll, Warren – Christendom IV: The Cleaving of Christendom Crocker III, H. – Triumph Dawson, Christopher – Christianity and European Culture Knox, Ronald – Enthusiasm Leclercq, Jean – Love of Learning and the Desire for God Walsh, William – Our Lady of Fatima Chesterton, G. – The Cure of Ars Wegemer, Gerard – Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage Weigel, George – Witness to Hope Alighieri, Dante – The Divine Comedy Benson, Robert Hugh – Lord of the World Bernanos, George – The Diary of a Country Priestde Cervantes, Miguel – Don Quixote Eliot, T. – Christianity and Culture Endo, Shusaku – Silence Hopkins, Gerard Manley – Poems and Prose Newman, John Henry – The Idea of a University O’Conner, Flannery – The Complete Stories Percy, Walker – Lost in the Cosmos Percy, Walker – Love in the Ruins Sienkiewicz, Henryk – Quo Vadis Tolkien, J. Thomas – My Way of Life/Summa Theologica Augustine, St. Julian Barnes called this nostalgic tale of lost adolescent love: “magical, high-hearted, yet never sentimental”.Buy Le Grand Meanulnes from the Telegraph Bookshop By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept Elizabeth Smart (1945) Loosely based on the Canadian author’s destructive, 18-year affair with the British poet George Barker, during which she bore him four of his 15 children, Angela Carter reviewed this astonishing, infuriating prose poem as “Like Madame Bovary blasted by lightning”.Buy By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept from the Telegraph Bookshop Gone with the Wind Margaret Mitchell (1936) So hefty that its vintage erotica-aficionado author used parts of her manuscript to prop up the couch on which she wrote, this Pulitzer Prize winning Civil War epic pits flouncing Southern belle Scarlett O’Hara against the “dark sexuality” of roguish Rhett Butler.Buy Gone with the Wind from the Telegraph Bookshop Love in a Cold Climate Nancy Mitford (1949) When the remote and lovely Polly returns from India and reveals she wants to marry her lecherous uncle she sets the cat among the inter-war, upper-class pigeons in this deliciously sharp and funny novel, a companion piece to The Pursuit of Love.Buy The End of the Affair from the Telegraph Bookshop Oscar and Lucinda Peter Carey (1988) A Devon vicar’s son bets the woman he loves that he can build her a glass church in the Australian outback.Jonathan Miller once described this vivid, Booker Prize-winning novel as “a sort of science fiction set in the past”.

Buy Pride and Pedjudice from the Telegraph Bookshop Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë (1847) “I will be myself” the passionate and moral governess tells her saturnine employer.

Buy Atonement from the Telegraph Bookshop Bonjour Tristesse Françoise Sagan (1954) Written when Sagan was just 17, this sultry, lyrical novel captures the confusion of a girl on the cusp of adulthood, meddling with others’ romantic affairs with disastrous consequences.

Buy Bonjour Tristesse from the Telegraph Bookshop The Swimming-Pool Library Alan Hollinghurst (1988) Hollinghurst’s beautifully controlled and sexually explicit debut is 25-year-old William Beckwith’s account of summer 1983, during which he was “riding high on sex and self-esteem”.

Thomas – The Sadness of Christ Perquin, Bonaventure – Abba Father Rohrbach, Peter – Conversation with Christ Scupoli, Lorenzo – Spiritual Combat Sheed, Frank – Theology and Sanity Sheed, Frank – Theology for Beginners Sheed, Frank – To Know Christ Jesus Sheen, Fulton – Life of Christ Sheen, Fulton – Three to Get Married Tanqueray, Adolphe – The Spiritual Lifevon Hildebrand, Dietrich – Transformation in Christ John Paul II, Bl.

Reginald – Three Ages of Interior Life Liguori, Alphonso – The Great Means of Salvation and Perfection Liguori, Alphonso – Uniformity with God’s Will Louis of Grenada, Venerable – The Sinner’s Guide Lovasik, Lawrence – The Hidden Power of Kindness Manzoni, Alessandro – The Betrothed Martinez, Luis – True Devotion to the Holy Spirit More, St.

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But Salman Rushdie notes that “death, change, pain and evil invade the innocent Wodehouse-world”. Buy The Remains of the Day from the Telegraph Bookshop The Well of Loneliness Radclyffe Hall (1928) A pioneering lesbian novel, in which an upper-class “invert” falls for another woman, judged obscene because it promoted lesbianism although the only sexual reference is: “that night, they were not divided”.

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