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Credencial de elector online dating

“There is also (voting through) the Internet as an option.”For those Mexicans living abroad who happen to be in México during the 2018 elections, there will be special voting booths for them to cast their vote, she added.

However, there is a possibility of allowing in-person voting at the consulates and embassies by 2018, Corona Rodríguez said.“We are exploring the use of voting machines,” she said, adding that the agency is currently creating a secure system to use machines.It will also be accepted as a primary ID document in México and it is expected to be recognized as well in the United States, Prado said.He said that the card is not intended to replace the Matricula Consular, a photo-ID card issued by the Mexican government through its consulate offices to demonstrate that the bearer is a Mexican national living outside its country.“The card is just another ID option,” he said.Among the requirements to apply include a Mexican birth certificate; a photo ID, like the old voter ID card, a valid Mexican passport or a Mexican or U. driver’s license; and a proof of address, such as a water, electricity or gas bill.Mexicans born outside the country will need to present their birth certificate and a birth certificate from their mother or father.

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The Consulate General of México in El Paso will be among 14 more consular offices – and last ones in the United States — that will begin accepting applications on April 8. 8, the remaining 85 Mexican consular offices in the rest of the world will be doing the same.