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So the interpretations were completely datinng and it seemed like many people in the group did not recognize anything for themselves.I was also surprised to get just one simple way to do a "relationship math".For example, a Generator sees an ad on TV for training to start a new career in life coaching.

About my relationship I received the "better be free" message.This varies human design dating all 9 centers active you are symbiotic and don't have room for other people to 5 or less centers active you have no australia totally free dating sites ground to have a relationship.So one woman asked how it is possible that she has been married for 40 years and they both have 0 centers active suggesting there is no "common ground" for any relationship. Another woman yes, we had an interesting crowd there! If the other person has the other half human design dating the same line filled, then you have a connection between the two centers huamn are involved.The more centers are "active", the better the relationship in principle.

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The world is like datiny pinball machine and it is human design dating generating energy that bounces the ball around.

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