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Jōnin are generally able to use at least two types of elemental chakra., Gokage, Literally meaning: Five Shadows).

A Kage oversees the activities of their village, from sending ninja on missions to making the hard decisions regarding the safety of their people.

Although there are variations from village to village, the general organisational structure and hierarchy of the ninja systems of each village is about the same.

At the top of the organisation is the village head, or the Kage in the case of the Five Great Shinobi Countries.

The actual shinobi forces are divided in three groups.

THOUSANDS of runners revelled in the much-improved weather as they took part in this year's Great South Run.

More than 20,000 people are predicted to have taken part in the 10 mile run in Southsea this morning - just a day after the Great South 5k and the Junior and Mini Great South Run were cancelled due to Storm Brian.

, Literally meaning: low ninja, Meaning (Viz): junior ninja) are the lowest level of ninja and also the ones that display the most difference in power.

When they become genin, ninja start to do their bit for their village's economy – being sent on missions that the village gets paid for.

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For example, Ibiki Morino can completely understand the workings of the human mind, making him an expert in interrogation.