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We were one of a handful of “institutional” super angel/micro VC/seed funds, which is to say that we raised a sizable (M) pool of capital from outside investors.The category was young and new and exciting and, to many, counter-intuitive.I didn’t get offended or get defensive, I tried to process it with that same level of earnestness shown me.To be honest, the thought had never crossed my mind. But it was sufficient enough to receive a commitment from Freada and Mitch to become investors in our first fund. I am grateful for the people, like Freada and Mitch, willing to ask them.and actively investing Fund IV in companies that resonate with our model as well as making angel investments alongside our friends at more traditional early stage firms.If you’re interested in funding, you can tell us about your business here.But as I sat on that stoop, the weight of that question began to settle in. still fund them with the same level of conviction and support that I could others who worked, lived, looked, thought or worshiped like me? In hindsight, the impact of any dollar amount they committed to the fund pales in comparison to the impact that question has had on me ever since.12 years later I still think about that call near weekly. But they’re questions worth feeling the gravity of. Around this time last year, Christopher Mims at the Wall Street Journal did a profile on the experiment we were running with

The biggest mistakes I make as a VC come when the emotions of friendship cloud the realities of being a financier.We firmly believe ambitious founders deserve and alternative. It hasn’t been easy but the response from founders and the early results we are seeing within our growing portfolio of companies reinforces daily our decision.So…In case there was any doubt, we are open for business!Seed investing was still a new concept, but they both have a nose for what’s next and they seemed intrigued.We’d connected on a number of levels and it was looking good that they would commit.

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That’s an easy line to blur when your business is based on personal relationships with founders and instinctual investments.

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