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It is Sunday night, I've read posts, but can only ditto some really excellent responses that came before me, listen to the rain falling outside, and say Good Night. Have a nice day all and take care and keep up the good healthy eating and exercise. Keep Sparking self Keep Sparking fellow overseventyites We can do this Sue, sorry I missed your birthday. At that, the bear stood up on his hind legs, placed his large front paws together, and growled "God I thank you for this food that I am about to eat".

I am going to a small gym this week which caters to those over 50 yr. Carol/CA-hope WW works well for you, I lost 20 lbs. Irish Ei-tough not to be able to exercise when one is used to doing it. Julie-maybe you hit a plateau, keep up the good work. Julie the pros and cons are very appropriate as I have the same report on the chart. Not much else happening here so will just say Good Night and God Bless Sweet Dreams. It ws sunny and nice today and hope tomorrow is a repeat of it I a plan to get back to my walk every day I really have more energy and feel better I am planing to walk tomorrow after Vicki and I do a few things while her dad is in dr. " He was helping me at rehab after my heart surgery and now he is working with stress patients at the hospital. I stopped at Walmart and bought another skein of some Red Heart pink to match a skein I already had, got a lock for the locker at the YMCA, the dishwashing soap I forgot to buy last week and a few groceries. It is so dry here, the whole state is under a burn ban, we need moisture really bad. I am sorry that I have appointments but I will bundle up and hope my car will start. Nice to see a new team win and they worked hard at it and it was so exciting for them. Had my annual eye appointment last week and there was a change and so did get new pres. I have my yearly eye exam tomorrow and an Over the Hill Gang meeting before that. I stayed home from church today as did not want to make a ten mile drive in all to get there and have to drive back home.Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?for free chat rooms features, amazing online chat rooms, and mobile chat at the click of a chat now , chat no register , free text chat , random chat , Singles chat , Nickname , Age , Sex ( Male / Female ) , Country and State.The 50plus-Club Chat is a free chat-room, dedicated to bringing senior citizens, baby boomers and generally speaking everyone over 50 together to share insights on romance, relationships, life, family, friendship, travel, arts, culture, music, the economy and just about anything and everything in a meaningful way. Twenty- and Thirty-Somethings populate those chats looking for fun and superficial fluff.

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Elsie love those Ten Commandments Have seen them before but like seeing them again. I found it and will send it back ; Been a nice day and did get my walk in thankful for that. As I was leaving a young man with a nice smile said to me "how is it going? I thought that was so sweet of him and now you know why he works well with patients. My nose is much better today and not very many sneezes.

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