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At the very least, the authenticity of the Shroud can no longer be dismissed out-of-hand based solely on the C-14 tests.

The new data fits perfectly with a first century dating of the Shroud.

We have been to Herculaneum and Pompei in the past and although impressive, Ostia Antica is equal to or better than both. I think this was the best tour that I have been on.

You meet your guide at the Pyramid stop on the Metro. Walk about 1/2 mile to the entrance and the spend about 3 hours with your guide in the site. My wife and I are both 70 and had little trouble getting around. The guide was great I am sorry I can't remember her name She was so knowledgeable and made everything so real. Ostia is a must for any visitor to Rome This was one incredible outing - Ancient Ostia Small Group Day Trip from Rome. , rebbri, was the best we have had on our 4-week self-tour of Italy.

We couldn't have received a better description of this fabulous site. He answered all our questions and kept us laughing. Ostia is beautiful and I loved seeing all the ruins.(2006), using a larger sample to examine the inter-item relationships, and the effects of personality (EPQ-r and the Dating Partner Preference test) and sex of the judge on ratings for different groups of items.The Shroud of Turin – the purported burial cloth of Jesus which contains the faint image of a crucified man – was the subject of intense scientific examination in the mid 1980s. For most, this was all the proof they needed to conclude that the shroud was a medieval forgery.Male chat-up lines and other opening gambits can be viewed, from an evolutionary perspective, as sexual displays.We extended an analysis of vignettes by Bale et al.

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After the tour you may remain on your own, take the train to the beach or return to the city. The tempo of the tour, the commuter train to Ostia, the walk around Ostia to see the highlights of the ancient ruins, the return trip to Rome, all went off flawlessly.

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