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” Playful banter is cute if that’s your end game, but usually the goal is to meet in person.

After you make the plan, cut down on the conversation.

However, using it with a new romance can have an air of laziness and immaturity.

A peppered “lol” is warranted, but “What r u ^ 2” is a bit rudimentary and looks like hieroglyphs. Form a coherent thought, pay attention to detail and by spelling out “you,” and affording your counterpart the correct form of “there.” It’s not hip, it’s not cute, and it doesn’t make you appear to be any smarter than a 14-year-old, so limit yourself.

But abused and overused, that cheerful little guy can quickly reduce a correspondent’s interest and attraction.From personal experience, I know texts can be misleading.Chemistry and banter while texting is calculated, and the person might not be nearly as amiable in person.In case you are not privy to this knowledge, sarcasm and tone are virtually undetectable via text.You might make a hilariously snide comment that would get a laugh when vocalized, but in text rings like you’re being a total jerk.

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Taking a conversation offline and into text is the next step in the relationship, so do it right and set the foundation for a solid future.

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