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Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has directed the Department of Insurance to open an investigation of Anthem's data breach.Commissioner Jones has been in communication with Anthem officials regarding the steps Anthem is taking to respond to the breach.This information is being mailed and/or emailed by Anthem to former and current customers, however, you do not have to wait for such notifications to enroll.Customers may enroll in these services by visiting and clicking on the All Clear ID link or by calling 877-263-7995.The financial and market conduct examinations will investigate all aspects of the data breach.A major component will include analyzing Anthem's information technology systems to determine what protections were in place and what actions could have been taken to minimize data losses.

However, as with any data breach, be on the lookout for suspicious solicitations or communications, including email "phishing" efforts to collect sensitive information, like user names, passwords and credit card information.

In addition to the notices that Anthem is sending by U. Postal Service mail to the 78.8 million potentially breach-impacted members, Anthem is also sending email correspondence with the same information regarding the breach and how to protect themselves to policyholders who elected to receive email notifications from Anthem Anthem customers should not reply to or open attachments from any emails that include a "click here" link and should never provide sensitive information (i.e.

Social Security Number or financial information) in response to emails or phone calls.

If a problem arises, consumers should call the Anthem helpline and an investigator will work to recover financial losses, restore and repair credit to pre-theft status.

For greater protection, consumers should actively enroll in All Clear Pro services, which offer the following: Credit monitoring: Alerts consumers when banks and creditors use their identity to open new credit accounts.

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Given the potential scope of the breach and the number of consumers impacted, the NAIC has announced a national, multi-state examination of the Anthem companies and anticipates all 56 states and territories will sign on to the examinations, which will be inclusive of all subsidiaries and affiliates of Anthem affected by the breach.