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The "other" bucket includes a handful of dating services that appear in one announcement each, and some folks who met online even though they didn’t use a dating service.

One recent couple met on Instagram, proving that even in the relatively staid world of the NYT, it can, and does, go down in the DM.

Tinder and Hinge have four each, but their numbers might be limited by a selection bias.

Phone-based dating apps are relatively new, so it’s nearly impossible that a couple who met online five years ago could have met using a phone-based app (though shout-out to Reverend Dennis Tinder, who officiated this 1988 wedding, cementing his status as the first "Tinder" appearance in the weddings section).

But that might be an artifact of the legal process: When New York state recognized same-sex marriage in 2011, there was likely a backlog of older couples who would have been married years earlier had it been been allowed, and these older couples would cause the median age to skew higher shortly after the official recognition.There are clearly some universities that dominate the wedding listings.Of the 188 couples who met at school, 15 met at Harvard, more than any other institution.Wedding Crunchers lets you search for words and phrases, then returns a graph that shows you how frequently they appear in weddings announcements.This is called an "n-gram analysis," where the y-axis represents the average number of occurrences per announcement.

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