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Online dating second date

Tell her you want to see her again, and how to handle any rejection Another important thing to remember: if you're interested in the woman and you think you might like to go out with her again, tell her so.Before the end of the date, say, "I really enjoyed meeting you and had a lot of fun tonight. " If she says "no," or "not really," don't act like an jerk and don't take it too personally.Compliments are always appropriate Women put a lot of effort into looking good for dates -- especially first dates -- and it's always kind to acknowledge that.Stay away from complimenting her body on the early dates, which can come off as sleazy. If you're too blown away -- or, perhaps too shy -- to acknowledge just one attribute, a simple, "You look lovely," or a sweet "You look really pretty," or even "You look great! Later in the date, after you've gotten to know her a bit, a compliment that isn't based on her appearance would be totally appropriate: "It's really admirable that you took a leave of absence to care for your mother when she was sick. Following up a compliment with a question or a related piece of information about you shows you're interested and also helps further the conversation -- all good things.

The Frisky: 10 sexy Halloween costumes -- for guys So, here are a few basic guidelines (from a woman's perspective) to help manage your anxiety: 1.Heck, I've avoided asking girls out again because I'm so afraid of getting slapped for trying to kiss them at the end!-- Walking on Eggshells Dear Walking on Eggshells: First of all, it might help you to remember -- or realize, if it's something you hadn't considered before -- that those women you've been going out with are probably just as nervous as you are, if not more so.So, Wendy, how much complimenting should a guy do on a first date?How do you casually touch on a first date, or is that creepy?

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Besides her figure, think about what appeals to you about her appearance. I'm super close with my family, too." Or: "It's so impressive that you've run three marathons! Basically, if you like a chick, try to get in at least one compliment during the date, but stop at three.

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