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The parietal art on the walls of the galleries consists of over 100 images, including several rock engravings of deer as well as images of animals (aurochs, bison, goats, horses) along with some rare images of dogs, many of which are superimposed, as well as a large number of hand stencils and disks created by spraying paint onto the rock surface through a tube.For another important Spanish rock shelter in the Asturias, see: Tito Bustillo Cave (c.14,000 BCE).These results confirm that the oldest Franco-Cantabrian cave art is now to be found in Spain, rather than France.NOTE: The recent dating of hand stencils and animal imagery in the Leang Timpuseng Cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi Cave, to the early Upper Paleolithic, is a significant archeological discovery, with implications for Paleolithic sites across Asia and Australia.He might last for 3 months or he might last for 8.5, but either way we’d learn and love and laugh together until we parted ways, because, as I often told friends, not every romance is meant to last forever. My last Tinder profile had a picture of me in shorts with a fading bruise on my leg, and I’d written, “The bruise is gone.” Was I really going to go off about silver arrows, like some kind of self-help book come to life? In my next session, I shared a few things from my list of wants, which included: someone who is socially aware and passionate, someone who is unafraid and wants to move forward, good-looking, tall(ish). But my last relationship had made me realize that I want the forever romance. I talked about this to friends, my mom, and a therapist, who, luckily, I’d started going to right before my breakup. ” He’d posed this question before, and I’d sort of hmmmmed it away. Did anyone really care, except the guy in front of me whom I to care? “You need to be able to say what you want — and put it on whatever dating profile you’re using — because if you don’t say it, it’s that much harder to get,” he said. Another nearby shelter is the Cave of La Pasiega, which dates back to about 16,000 BCE.The El Castillo Cave consists of two basic areas; a large entrance chamber (the "Gran Sala"), and a subsequent extensive labyrinth of narrow galleries totalling almost a kilometre in length.

Similar dating results have been confirmed for the Altamira Cave paintings located near the village of Antillana del Mar in Cantabria, where a club-shaped (claviform) symbol was dated to about 34,000 BCE.I cried a little, I wrote it out, I sent some hardcore telling-it-like-it-is texts before I stopped texting entirely, and I shook my fist at the sky and vowed revenge. Then I did what many of us do in these times of need. Tinder, the dating app, was where I’d met my ex, and my ex before that, too. Just spend a little more time on the old app — — and, poof, another guy to date. Write that on your profile.” “Oh, I don’t know,” I said. Most of the stencils are grouped on a panel in a narrow gallery (known as the Gallery of the Hands) which lies beyond the Gran Sala, although isolated stencils and pictographs can be found in deeper, more remote locations in the cave.A red disk in the deeper "Corredor de los Puntos", for example, was spray-painted about 33,000 BCE. Alistair Pike and his team of UK, Spanish and Portuguese archeological researchers dated the tiny calcite stalactites which had formed over the paintings, using the Uranium/Thorium (U/Th) method to check for the radioactive decay of uranium.

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