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Instead of the traditional handshake, the speaker hugged each of the youth, patted them on the back, and told them how special they were. Many of those leaving the classroom noticed what was happening and came back.

A long line formed for an opportunity to get a hug and uplifting words from this dynamic teacher.

All too often, we can recognize mistakes made by others while having a blind spot when it comes to our own.

With this in mind, approximately 500 active LDS members nationwide were asked to answer this question: What mistakes do you feel your parents made when you were growing up in their home?

Many of the teenagers even burst into tears after their short embrace.

After the class ended, several teenagers moved to the front of the room to talk to this man.

There is a much greater chance of preventing serious sin if problems are caught early.

Try this: Arrange to have one parent home when your children arrive from school.

For those who seek to improve their parenting and follow counsel from the prophets, great promises are given.

However, it is not easy for most to admit their mistakes.

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