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For some victims, those options include taking legal action against their abusive partners.

Often these actions include filing police reports or obtaining a protection order.

Once you file the report, you become a witness in the state’s case against the perpetrator.

The case will be assigned to a detective in your precinct, who will begin an investigation.

Some abusive partners continue to contact and abuse their partners despite the presence of a protective order.

Some may become even more dangerous after an order is filed because it threatens their power and control over the relationship.

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It’s important to note that while a protective order may help keep an abusive partner away from you, it does not work in every case.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, you have the right to contact the case detective and/or the prosecuting attorney’s office.

Protective Order A protective order is an official legal order issued by a state court that requires the abusive person to stop the violence and abuse and maintain a certain distance from the victim.

A protective order is legal protection against the abusive partner and can be enforced by police.

Special provisions can be requested such as custody of children, continued financial support, getting the abuser to leave the residence, etc.

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You can ask the police or the court (or both, depending on the violation) to enforce the order.

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