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Romeo and lisa maffia dating

The group’s reputation was badly tarnished, records ceased to sell and the group folded.Maffia, dubbed the First Lady of Garage, launched her own solo career in 2003, where her debut All Over reached No.2 in the charts. Once I start something, I have to follow it through, she tells Life & Style. So I think that’s how I gained a true friendship with them. I became a girly girl, but still held my own.” The singer’s only daughter Chelsea is following in her mother’s ‘lady boss’ footsteps.But according to Maffia, politicians and the police alike just “didn’t get it”. The police weren’t as advanced as they are now – they know how to handle a crowd now.” She continued: “We were the guinea pigs of today’s industry.We were always the guinea pig, always the ones to be blame and be held responsible.Going on to run a successful booking agency, clothing line and client agency, Maffia certainly has her fingers in a lot of pies. “It feeds my cravings of keeping busy.” LARGER THAN LIFE: So Solid Crew reached No.1 in the UK charts with their hit 21 Seconds Even in So Solid Crew as a teenager, and the group’s foremost female member, Maffia knew how to hold her own among the high levels of testosterone and was able to gain and maintain the lads’ respect. You own yourself, you know yourself, you’re confident within yourself and you respect everyone. At just 19 years old, the youngster already has a university degree and owns her own business.Maffia, who gave birth to Chelsea when she was 16, says: “She’s done really well.I've got so many things in so many pies, I could work until I'm 50!So Solid, with a new album on the way, will now find out if the audience that embraced their musical descendants has time for the originators.“Our label told us not to speak out, just to speak through the music,” remembers Megaman, “but we should have gone in the public eye and made statements, apologised for our mistakes.” The second album floundered and, when Megaman was charged in a murder case in 2004 (he was eventually acquitted), it seemed So Solid was all over.

about a girl who he was dating who ran away because of all the hype around him then his remark at the end "I can't help it if I'm popular" puts a twist of humour into the track8. featuring di starts with her singing which i think adds another dimmension to the track and as Romeo says in it "Forget the name. my personal favourite - it starts with a conversation between Romeo and a guy wh wants advice on how to make it so Romeo says "Just do what you gotta do" the swearin and the tune in the background make this a truely great track as well as the chorus. She’s got her own business and a degree and she’s still just a teenager. I’m so proud.” Back in the early noughties, the garage scene in England was the last time many strong female performers have made it big who were not coming from the Brit school, or a reality TV show.Some would argue that it was the last time female performers who had come up from the streets were successful.There’s not really been anyone since whose successfully revived garage.” Maffia, who still performs alongside fellow So Solid Crew members Romeo, Megaman and MC Harvey, continues: “I know Disclosure and Rudimental touch on garage flavours but it’s nothing quite like what So Solid or Oxide and Neutrino or DJ Luck and MC Neat did.” “When it comes to the music, garage is very happy, and bubbly and dancey. With new school music like grime, it’s quite dark and serious. Gaymers is at this year's Lovebox keeping the party going as the festival's official cider.

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True, there have been a number of female rappers and grime MCs on the scene, but none that have had mainstream success like their male counterparts. We included everyone so everyone could make money together.