Rss feed not validating

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The asc file should have a GPG signature that was created with a publicly accessible key.

To see for yourself, compare the results of these two urls: first that this pom has no repository element in it, therefore there is no need to modify the file at all.

Take a look at this POM from Central: The License header of the file has been completely stripped away.

It is the only way to guarantee that the artifacts from a remote repository are sound, and Sonatype has invested a great deal of time into making sure that artifacts added to the Central Maven repositories, the Apache repositories, and the Codehaus repositories are all accompanied by valid PGP keys that are on a public keyserver.

The indexes produced by Artifactory are using the old-style Lucene zip, but with a newer version of Lucene.

Every­thing else is an anecdote — espe­cially the computer virus…

One aspect of writing great code is ensuring the input your script receives is as you'd expect. This limits the possibilities that you'll have to account for later on in the code.

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I'm trying to add an RSS feed and it says, "Feed did not validate: Unable to read contents at this URL." I also tried adding it directly from the blog using the Hootlet plug-in and said it couldn't save the RSS feed.

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