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However, add a good quality pair of headphones, or laptop/desktop computer with a DAC and now we're talking!

Routing my laptop through my Apogee Duet, acting as a DAC, whether through my home system or my Oppo PM-3 headphones, the improvement was obvious when comparing the same tracks between Tidal HIFI and Google Play Music.

Apple Music recently entered the fray, and reportedly they settled for a lower bitrate than Spotify or Google Play Music (256kbps).

The debate as to hi-rez audio's true qualitative difference is raging on at quite a pitch these days.

A year later, the composer created the forcible cantata Dido, with a very similar poetics and for a similar configuration, so it would almost seem that the two works were written concurrently.

The latter, nine-minute piece for mixed chorus and four horns is rather difficult to perform, yet Martinu Voices have mastered it with aplomb, just as, after all, they have all the other works on the CD.

Obviously, if one is already conscious of audio quality, and is hoping to bump up to hi-rez from CD quality, these mp3 quality services are not going to stand up to scrutiny.

So, I thought I would try Tidal's premium service, which is double the price of their competitors if you want their "HIFI" quality (which is in 1411kbps Flac compression format) at per month. If you are using it primarily for car stereo use, or on a phone or tablet with a pair of standard issue earphones or earbuds, I would say no.

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Ah, but here's the rub...their search system is, as I'm sad to say is true of ALL of these services, absolutely lousy for classical recordings!!